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Widow cleaning, Gilbert AZ

Our latest window job in Troon North.  If you need any windows cleaned by the best please give us a call.  We service Gilbert, and the surrounding areas as well as Phoenix... Read More »

Window Cleaning, Gilbert AZ

We are happy to announce that we are currently taking on new clients whether its every month to quarterly.  We already have some great accounts and are pleased with the growth.  If you are... Read More »

Professional Carpet Cleaning, Gilbert Arizona

  Carpet Pet Odor Remediation, Gilbert AZ Pet urine odor, unless very mild, usually requires deep remediation work. Pad and sub-floor contamination are almost certain. Even though... Read More »

Carpet Cleaning, Gilbert, AZ

This is from our job today showing the power of the rotovac.  If you live in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa and Tempe don't hesitate for one more second.  You need your carpets deep cleaned... Read More »

Cleaning Vinyl composition (VCT), Gilbert AZ

  Vinyl composition tile (VCT) mostly found in the corridors of offices, schools and hospitals, can be kept shiny day in... Read More »

Professional carpet cleaning, Gilbert Arizona

  Why is Professional Carpet Cleaning So Expensive? Pricing increases hit every industry, and carpet cleaners are affected by these changes, too. Rising... Read More »

Carpet Cleaning, Gilbert AZ

  Experience We have 8 years of carpet, area rug and Tile and grout cleaning experience. You will quickly be impressed with our cleaning knowledge. We take pride with having the... Read More »

Gilbert AZ, Carpet Cleaning

Treadstone Carpet and Tile Cleaning in Gilbert, Arizona is your number one source for first class professional carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, pet stain and urine... Read More »

Tile and grout cleaning, Gilbert AZ

Treadstone offers professional tile & grout cleaning services. Our company can make sure that your tile and grout stays clean. We can accomplish this by sealing.  Call for a free... Read More »

Cleaning Travertine floors, Gilbert AZ

    Cleaning Your Travertine Floors If you are curious how to clean travertine floors on your own, you would... Read More »

Deep Carpet cleaning, Gilbert, AZ

  Residential Your house is at the center of your life, the main spot you cherish time with your family and friends. Kids, as well as pets, spend a great amount of time on the floor,... Read More »

Business carpet cleaning, Gilbert AZ

  Business Carpet Cleaning Treadstone has offered industrial carpet cleaning to Gilbert, Tempe, Mesa and Scottsdale since 2007. Our experienced team of carpet specialists has a long time... Read More »

Gilbert, AZ Carpet cleaning Premium customer service and excellent value

    Gilbert Arizona Carpet Cleaning Premium Customer Service and Excellent Value At Treadstone Carpet and Tile Cleaning our focus is to provide you with outstanding service and... Read More »

Revive your carpets, Carpet cleaning Gilbert AZ

Revive, Refresh, Renew with Top quality Carpet Cleaning –Gilbert Arizona Sit back and think for any moment-what’s your impression when you walk into a residence, office space,... Read More »

Most Reliable Carpet Cleaning, Gilbert Arizona

  THE MOST RELIABLE CARPET CLEANERS in Gilbert Arizona   It is important that you find an organization that you trust to do the job done... Read More »

Upholstery Cleaning, Gilbert AZ When was the last time you took a good, hard look at your couch? If it’s been quite sometime, now is a good time to do so. Just how... Read More »

Disinfect your carpets, Gilbert Arizona

  Steps to Disinfect the Carpet:  Quick Fix Mix a solution of vinegar and water. If no ratios are given for the machine, you can use one part vinegar to one part water. For severe... Read More »

Best comercial carpet cleaning, Gilbert AZ

  Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services, Gilbert Arizona: Carpet that is clean enhances your company’s image. It reflects a certain the level of care, professionalism, that you... Read More »

Professional Area rug cleaning, Gilbert AZ

PROFESSIONAL AREA RUG CLEANING Gilbert Arizona Area rugs can last a very long time if proper care  is given. Depending on the usage and the amount of traffic, a rug should be cleaned... Read More »

Tile cleaning Gilbert Arizona

  We have the best technology and equipment on the market specifically for tile and grout cleaning. All of our customers have called to tell us they... Read More »

Clean you Carpets since they are a germ hotspot

  Clean Your Carpets Because They Are Germ Hotspots – Gilbert Arizona Clean Your Carpets Because They Are Germ Hotspots – Gilbert Arizona Carpeting can be a great... Read More »

Carpet Cleaning for the household, Gilbert AZ

Household Carpet Cleaning in Gilbert Arizona made Reasonably priced Treadstone made Reasonably priced Residential Carpet Cleaning in Gilbert Arizona created... Read More »

Carpet cleaning for Restaurants, Gilbert AZ

In order to do the best job, a technician must follow the “cleaning chart or pie” as taught in the IICRC CCT/CCMT classes. The cleaning pie consists of 4 parts: time,... Read More »

Carpet Cleaning, Mattress cleaning, Gilbert AZ

Are you worried about the possibility of exposure to allergens or other harmful things contained within older mattresses inside your home? To name a few, Dust mites along with their microscopic... Read More »

Residential Steam Carpet Cleaning, Gilbert AZ

Treadstone uses a variety of steam cleaning tools to freshen and clean your carpets from pet odors and stains: regular Steam Carpet Cleaning  and Rotary steam cleaning for... Read More »

Tile Steam Cleaning services, Gilbert AZ

  TILE STEAM CLEANING SERVICES  Treadstone  cleaning specializes in tile and grout cleaning services Gilbert Arizona. Our truck mounted professional steam cleaning... Read More »

Eco-Friendly Carpet cleaning, Gilbert AZ

Green Carpet Cleaning When you use Treadstone green carpet cleaning services, you defend your family and the environment from unhealthy chemicals. Our new green carpet cleaning... Read More »

Professional Carpet Cleaning, Gilbert AZ

    Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Treadstone , dedicates its time to bring you professional cleaning services to your local communities. We help you make your house... Read More »

Tile and Grout cleaning, Gilbert Arizona

Cleaning tile and grout,  or any other hard to clean surfaces in your home or business is sometimes a real pain. They get filthy, stained and bring the look of your room down. Bring the... Read More »

Commercial carpet cleaning, Gilbert AZ

Unlike other carpet cleaning companies that only do residential we also do commercial carpet  cleaning, Commercial tile cleaning, commercial upholstery cleaning, Treadstone  knows that... Read More »

Travertine honing, Gilbert AZ

Travertine honing is typically the most common performed polish on a travertine floor today. Honing is actually a type of polish,  a lower grade polish like a satin finish, and while all... Read More »

Marble Cleaining, Gilbert AZ

When you choose our marble and limestone cleaning, polishing and restoration services you are getting the absolute best.  We have a number of marble safe cleaners to choose... Read More »

Pet odor & Stain cleaning, Gilbert AZ

  Pacific Carpet & Tile Cleaning has master techniques for dealing with stubborn stains left behind by your pets. Our specialized steam cleaning unit removes odors and stains.... Read More »

Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning Gilbert AZ

Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning Gilbert AZ Your furniture may be your most valued items in your house. We always treat them with the concern and care that you want, and nothing less. To ensure... Read More »

Gilbert AZ, Commercial Epoxy Cleaning Demo

f Webforce, Epoxy Cleaning Demo Name Email Phone Number Read More »

Gilbert AZ carpet cleaning results

Webforce carpet cleaning results Name Email Phone Number Read More »

Epoxy cleaning Power MMA Gilbert AZ

Read More »

Carpet cleaning mistakes to avoid, Gilbert, Arizona

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid 1. You wait too long before you clean up your spill. Spills sink into carpets quickly. If you don’t act fast, that red wine will be absorbed by the... Read More »

6 Reasons why you should use carpet protector after a cleaning, Gilbert AZ

6 Reasons You Should Always Get Carpet Protector 1. Minimizes permanent stains. A nice looking carpet can be ruined by an ugly spot. A carpet that isn't protected wont repel spillage as well as... Read More »

Carpet spotting recommendations, Gilbert AZ

Solutions to be careful of- If a cleaning solution with caustic chemicals, bleach, optical brighteners or a high PH is used, the color of the carpet may be irreversibly altered or the carpet dye... Read More »

How long will it take the carpet to dry after a carpet cleaning, Gilbert AZ

It varies for total drying. We can dry carpet as quick as 40 minutes or less to the most time being 24 hours. Temperature, humidity, air flow , density and soiling are different at every job. To... Read More »

Cheapest carpet cleaning company not always the best choice, Chandler AZ

Low price cleaners survive on volume - which means they need to get in and get out fast as they can. If your carpet cleaner isn't taking the time to pre-treat soiled areas, spot clean stains and... Read More »

Carpet Cleaning pricing, Gilbert, AZ

I find myself asked quite frequently, "Whats the best price you can give me."  Its a question that haunts me to be honest.  The problem most carpet cleaning companies have is not... Read More »

Carpet Cleaning, gilbert Arizona

When choosing a carpet cleaning company you should always ask enough questions and hold them accountable for those statements.  Meaning, if they say it will cost a certain dollar amount then... Read More »

Pet Odor Removal, Gilbert Arizona

Pet Odor Removal tips: 1.First you will want to remove as much urine as possible. The less urine there is, the less you’ll have to deep clean. So when you notice that your cat has urinated... Read More »

Bacteria removal, Gilbert AZ

We at Treadstone specialize in bacteria removal.  We are one of three companies in Arizona that are certified applicators of Bacti-barrier.  Bacti-barrier is a unique 2 step microbial... Read More »

Treadstone Floor care system, Deep cleaning procedure, Gilbert AZ

 6 Step process system gets your flooring up to 8x cleaner than regular cleaning: Step 1: Pre-Vacuuming ( removes soil in the dry state)  Soil can be removed by vacuuming before... Read More »

Gilbert Arizona Oriental rug cleaning

After an in-house inspection, When it comes to area rug cleaning it's best to have to rug cleaned off site at their location. Expect the cleaning to take around 3-5 days. Beware of companies... Read More »

Lessons of a carpet cleaner, Gilbert Arizona

No matter how clean we think we keep our home, sooner or later carpet cleaning is a necessity. If you have any type of carpeting in your home, whether wall-to-wall or area rugs, deep cleaning is a... Read More »

Another way to clean grout, Gilbert Arizona grout removal and replacing, webforce Name Email Phone Number Read More »

How to clean stairs properly, Chandler AZ Cleaning stairs properly video Name Email Phone Number Read More »

Health Benefits of Carpet cleaning, Gilbert Arizona

Aside from the obvious, having your carpets cleaned not only makes your place look a lot nicer/cleaner, it also can have some significant health benefits as well.  According to the American... Read More »

Getting Stains Out of Carpets Gilbert AZ

Popular Foods Which Leave Stains on Carpets   Holidays are best celebrated and dished up with assorted types of food. These are special events where nearly everyone don't care how... Read More »