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Carpet Cleaning pricing, Gilbert, AZ

I find myself asked quite frequently, "Whats the best price you can give me."  Its a question that haunts me to be honest.  The problem most carpet cleaning companies have is not that they want a good deal its not explaining or  educating the customer exactly how you go about cleaning the carpet.  Most might believe you come in with a rug doctor and start working.   I believe with explaining the process of what it actually takes to properly clean or deep clean the carpet couple with all the expenses like:  running the equipment, gas, chemical and labor the customer will see the value in your service.  At least my customers do.  I still find those customers who don't to pay that much and that is ok, you cant win them all.  My thought is, I'm not going to put a band-aid on something and walk away unhappy with results just to meet their budget.   I offer the best process that I'm aware of to get rid of tough stains and dirt etc. Treadstones 6 step process has been proven to be up to 8 times cleaner then the traditional pre treat and extraction.  


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