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Carpet spotting recommendations, Gilbert AZ

Solutions to be careful of- If a cleaning solution with caustic chemicals, bleach, optical brighteners or a high PH is used, the color of the carpet may be irreversibly altered or the carpet dye can be removed leaving a permanent, white, bleached out spot in your otherwise beautiful carpeting. Some products may set the stain making it impossible to remove in the future. Some spotters should be extracted and if not properly removed will leave residue.- Some cleaning solutions are over applied or not rinsed out which leaves residue in the carpet that attracts dirt making the spot worse than before. Essentially you would need to bring the PH back down if you are using something with a High PH. If the PH isnt brought down to a neutral you are making it very easy to make new stains. the higher the PH the easier it is to create new stains. - In your efforts you may overwet the carpet or not dry it quick enough which causes browning or wicking. incorrect procedures- can result by harsh scrubbing or rubbing of the carpet. This is not a substitute for professional services! Treadstone has professional solutions, tools, experience and training in removing difficult stains and odors.
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