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Cheapest carpet cleaning company not always the best choice, Chandler AZ

Low price cleaners survive on volume - which means they need to get in and get out fast as they can. If your carpet cleaner isn't taking the time to pre-treat soiled areas, spot clean stains and thoroughly rinse cleaning solutions and soils from your carpet, then you're being shortchanged. Employees: Low price cleaners cannot afford to pay wages that attract long term dependable employees. This alone can make a substantial difference in the overall performance and result. High turnover rate within these companies could be a red flag, so be careful. Low Quality Equipment: Low price cleaners must survive on slim profit margins. This often leads to using low quality cleaning solutions and equipment that's in constant need of repair. Such agents and equipment cannotperform a quality job. If your cleaning company isn't using the best available cleaning agents or equipment,you're being shortchanged. Technology/Education: Low priced cleaners often do not have the time, money or man power to invest in technology. Carpet cleaning technology is constantly evolving with new equipment, safer more effective products and advanced cleaning techniques. Formal education of technicians is very costly, but necessary, to ensure you are getting your money's worth. If your cleaning company does not belong to trade associations, subscribe to industry journals, take part in seminars and formal training're being shortchanged. Guarantees: We're all familiar with the saying, "A guarantee is only as good as the company that stands behind it". If your cleaning company doesn't have a track record that says they'll be available today, tomorrow and more importantly next year to stand behind their're being shortchanged. Premature Replacement: The number one reason carpets are replaced prematurely is due to wear caused by inefficient cleaning. Poor cleaning leaves dirt and grit behind to act as an abrasive to carpet fibers. This leads to wear patterns and ugly traffic lanes. Most quality carpeting is designed to last at least 15 years, however if you're considering replacement after 3 or 5 years, then poor cleaning or lack of cleaning is costing you many times more than you could ever hope to save by using a low priced cleaning company. Save yourself the trouble and hire a professional company that has the track record to back up their claims.
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Cheapest carpet cleaning company isnt always the best, Webforce