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Cleaning Travertine floors, Gilbert AZ

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    Cleaning Your Travertine Floors

    If you are curious how to clean travertine floors on your own, you would want to start off by dusting or using a cloth to remove pet hair, dirt, and rocks that you might trail in from the outside.  All of these things can damage the finish of your flooring, furthermore it is extremely important to remove this debris frequently.

    Another process is to prevent debris from entering your home is to put down mats or a pretty rug at the entrance of your home and at any door leading to the outside.  You could  also try to make sure that when guests come into your home they remove their shoes eliminating them from tracking dust, dirt and debris inside your home and scuffing up your floors.

    The next step in keeping your travertine floor looking like new is to use a neutralized cleaner especially created for natural stone, that you can either pick up at your local hardware store, or you can get from the contractor that installed your flooring.  Please be aware of Abrasive cleaning products can damage the natural stone tile and ruin whatever finish was on them to protect them.  Always read the back of every product to ensure the safety of the flooring before use.

    Learning how to clean travertine tiles takes a bit of extra time but most consumers quickly learn what the proper procedure is and they are able to enjoy their stone tiles for many decades.

    When in doubt, hire a professional to clean and seal your travertine. 
    Please give us a call next time you need any type of tile cleaned, whether it is ceramic or a natural stone.  We look forward to your call.
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