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Gilbert Arizona Oriental rug cleaning

After an in-house inspection, When it comes to area rug cleaning it's best to have to rug cleaned off site at their location. Expect the cleaning to take around 3-5 days. Beware of companies that claim to clean your rugs in hours. “The put the rugs through a machine that looks like a printing press. The rugs are run through rollers and cleaned a bit like a car wash. The whole process only takes a few minutes.” Oriental and many types of area rugs are more often made of wool, wool blends, cotton, sisal, rayon and natural fibers. When cleaned off site their process should start with “dusting” phase with compressed air to remove loose dirt. Dye tests are done, and then the rug is soaked overnight. Try to ovoid companies who say they can clean area rugs and Oriental carpets in your home. The second day the rug is soaked in warm soapy water. Lower water temperatures are used due to the type of fibers. Milder soaps are also used. The rug is left in the soapy solution until day three, at which point the rug is flushed with compressed air and water and hung to dry or put into a centrifuge machine that essentially squeezes it dry. Cleaning at their facility is by far the safest way to assures optimal control of temperatures and the drying process. Lastly, the fringe is cleaned and any specialized work such as repairs, deodorizing, moth-proofing, removal of gum or wax etc. is done.
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