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How long will it take the carpet to dry after a carpet cleaning, Gilbert AZ

It varies for total drying. We can dry carpet as quick as 40 minutes or less to the most time being 24 hours. Temperature, humidity, air flow , density and soiling are different at every job. To speed things up, Treadstone uses special turbo dryer fans or high speed fans while at the job. In cold weather, turn your heat up, turn off any humidifiers and put your thermostat fan position to "on" instead of "auto". You can open the whole house during warm dry weather. Air conditioning helps during humid days. Blow air across the carpet with fans and ceiling fans. The ideal inside temperature is 72-74 regardless of weather.

As far as furniture and when to place back on carpet, make sure everything is dry.  Especially with metal chairs etc which rust could form. If needed we do supply foam blocks that can be placed under each foot of each furniture allowing you to move furniture back when its wet.  Thus preventing any secondary damages.  

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How long does it take to dry carpet, Webforce