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Carpet Pet Odor Remediation, Gilbert AZ

Pet urine odor, unless very mild, usually requires deep remediation work. Pad and sub-floor Carpet and Upholstery Pet Odor Remediation, Newport Beachcontamination are almost certain. Even though your carpet pad and the floor underneath are probably contaminated, remediation can normally be treated without having to lift the carpet. Understanding the issues, and limitations of available solutions, is critical to making an informed decision toward the most cost-effective and permanent remediation effort. Urine crystals, or salts, form as urine dries in the pad and on your sub-floor. These crystals are difficult to  re-liquefied by water or detergent alone, but do dissolve readily in mildly acidic conditions.
We take advantage of the ability to dissolve urine salts in acid by flushing a liberal amount of an acidic solution through your carpet and pad in the first step of remediation.

  1. Once the carpet, pad, and sub floor have been acid flushed… …Live non-pathogenic bacteria and enzymes are introduced via planned, closely controlled localized flooding and immediate extraction in two stages.
  2. In the first stage, emulsification and removal of fats, proteins, and urine products not liquefied by the acid rinse is done.
  3. In the second stage, live odor eating enzymes are saturated throughout the affected area to feed on and digest any remaining residues.

Once both steps of the  flooding and extracting procedure has been accomplished, your carpet will be cleaned normally. This will make sure we remove the beneficial bacteria and enzymes from the fibers in your carpet, finally, proceed to use a pump sprayer to reapply the bacteria and enzymes, and then a carpet rake is used to distribute them evenly over the affected area.

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