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Travertine honing, Gilbert AZ

Travertine honing is typically the most common performed polish on a travertine floor today. Honing is actually a typeTRAVERTINE HONININGNEWPORT BEACH CA of polish,  a lower grade polish like a satin finish, and while all sorts of  travertine floors come from the factory with that low shine/hone a lot of people would like to keep it that way. When your travertine has been worn for several years, and has developed small holes, and enough surface scratches to dull the surface, or even dirty, you could be ready for your travertine to be resurfaced. Just to clarify honing a floor is just a low level “abrasive polish”. There are many different level shines that you can achieve, a honed floor is a very custom polish.


Before we can begin the floor must be cleaned. Then we are able to machine hone your travertine with the use of diamond abrasives. This process will remove minor scratches and surface abrasions while returning the travertine to a like new appearance or in many instances better. If your tired of the honed look you can always choose a polished or higher hone depending upon your tastes and preferences. Travertine honing can also be performed with the use of an abrasive compound powder also known as, honing powders and state-of-the-art diamond pads. The trick is how is how you seal your travertine when you’re done honing because that’s going to keep it looking better while maintaining that look for a long time.

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