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Treadstone Floor care system, Deep cleaning procedure, Gilbert AZ

 6 Step process system gets your flooring up to 8x cleaner than regular cleaning:

Step 1: Pre-Vacuuming ( removes soil in the dry state)  Soil can be removed by vacuuming before cleaning.  Whats left behind is bound by oil and grease.

Step 2: Brush Pro ( Dry Run)  This process rmoves dirt in the secondary backing of the carpet.

Step 3: Pre- Treatment: (Breaks up oil and greases) Mixture of shampoo/conditioners applied to carpet.  Mixture varies on type of carpet

Step 4: Power Scrubbing (chemicals and mechanical agitation) This sets Treadstone apart from other companies.  It's the workhorse and muscle behind our carpet cleaning.

Step 5: Hot water extraction ( Rinses carpet and removes soil) Rinses and restores carpet to the cleanest state possible free of soil and soap

Step 6: Pile-setting ( opens carpet fibers)  Brushing or raking carpet after cleaning gives a more uniformed appearance.

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